UV / VIS, NIR, LIF and Raman spectroscopy:

J&M Analytik AG is a pioneer in the field of fiber-optic measuring systems for UV/VIS, NIR, LIF and Raman spectroscopy. The J&M TIDAS® spectrometers are used in laboratory and process environments in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications are the monitoring of cleaning, drying, and mixing processes as well as the determination of concentration of ingredients like fat and protein content in milk.

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Jenway (Cole-Parmer Ltd) is a producer of laboratory spectrophotometers. Cole-Parmer is committed to offering the highest quality from its products and services. Jenway;s (Cole-Parmer Ltd) quality policy shows the company's values are all built around a central pillar of quality and Cole-Parmer has demonstrated its commitment to this policy by holding an ISO9000 certificate since 2008.

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