Från Makrokyvetter till Startutrustnings kit.



Makrokyvetter (1.4 – 35 ml).

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The Firefly Type 1 standard 10mm cell is for UV/VIS spectroscopy and comes in many various lightpaths and materials to fit your exact needs.

Pris ex: $ 38.00



Halv-Mikro-kyvetter (0.7 - 1.4  ml).

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Semi-micro flow through cell with removable inlet/outlet quartz tubes. All Firefly flow cells are useful for keeping a continuous flow through the observation chamber.

Pris ex: $ 346.00


Mikro-kyvetter (0.35  – 0.7 ml).

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FireflySci's Type 18B cuvette with a modified, raised bottom to further reduce sample volume.

Pris ex: $ 164.00


Sub-mikro-kyvetter (0.01 – 0.35 ml).






Black-masked sub-micro spectrophotometer flow cell with cylindrical chambers.

Pris ex: $ 400.00 


Ultra-Mikro Kyvetter (1 – 10 ul).


Ultra-micro low volume cell with a 1.9µl capacity.

Pris ex: $ 2,700.00



Kyvetter med Skruvhuvuden.




The FireflySci Type 41 cuvette is our standard screw cap cell and is a favorite among scientists who perform anaerobic work. The open SEPTA screw cap enables researchers to make sterile injections into the cuvette without compromising the experiment.

Pris ex: $ 159.00


Genomflödes celler.






FireflySci's black micro spectrophotometer flow cell.

Pris ex: $ 444.00


Kyvetter med graderade rör.









FireflySci spectrophotometer cuvette with a straight bore tube.

Pris ex: $ 172.00


Flödes celler för frisättningsstudier.





FireflySci tablet dissolution cell with a 2x5mm window. These cells can be used for most flow through applications.

Pris ex: $ 534.00


Demonterbara kyvetter.



Firefly's Type 49 demountable flow through cell with sides tubes enables a constant flow through the observation chamber. The demountable slides enables a user to insert a small sample and reassemble the cuvette. These are popular among researchers who perform CD (Circular Dichroism) experiments.

Pris ex: $ 271.00


Cylindriska celler för polarimetriska och optiska mätningar.



Short pathlength cylindrical polarimeter cell with PTFE stopper. 

Pris ex: $ 140.00


Kyvetter för användning vid extremt låga temperaturer.





FireflySci's cryogenic cuvettes allow you to dip well into the low kelvins. This standard model contains a PTFE stopper and contains a fortified, extra-fused design to protect it against extremely low temperatures.

Pris ex: $ 284.00


Anaeroba celler med extra kammare.




The Type 28 absorbance cell contains an inlet tube and a glass pouch chamber for catching excess gas produced by anaerobic experiments.

Pris ex: $ 317.00


Tandem ("Yankeelov”) / uppdelade kyvetter.





Spectrophotometer cuvette divided into two chambers so that users can do two simultaneous measurements. 

Pris ex: $ 274.00


Vattenmantlade kyvetter.




Water jacketed spectrophotometer cuvette with PTFE stopper.

Pris ex: $ 446.00


Engångs kyvetter.



Standard macro disposable cuvette box of 100.

Pris ex: $ 58.00


Start-utrustnings program.


Everything you need to get started in the world of cuvettes all in one nice package.  Is your lab brand new?  This kit is perfect for labs who need solid starting equipment for their spectroscopy experiments.

Pris ex: $ 226.00


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